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Art & Flow

May brings a new exhibition and a new artist to the gallery. Combining paintings, drawings and sculpture, John Holt's work explores the creative process itself.

John Holt is a widely published writer, art educationalist and founder of a national arts and mental health charity AiM (Artists in Mind). His artworks emanate from a deep and abiding interest in the flow of all things in the material and psychic worlds.

John defines his artworks, his large-scale drawings, installations and sculptural ceramics as “flow art”, that is an art that springs from the very natural processes of creativity, through the progression of human making and springing from the very energies of the life process itself.

Always interested in the potential for art to heal, transform and clarify human life journeys, his art directs us in a spontaneous process towards an outcome grounded in nature as natural as the very flow of water, the stratification of rocks and the interplay of clouds.

His work can be seen particularly in relation to the Chinese philosophy of Taoism, which is a constant inspiration to him. The dynamic of yin and yang, of the interplay, of opposites, is a continuous aspect of his work.

John Holt’s work comes into being by a fluid act of art making, actively spontaneous, fluent, and impulsive in its formation. Indicative of ancient carvings and mark making his work invokes a sense of openness to and a recalling of the natural world.

It is about a connecting and a remembering.

THE ART OF FLOWING...with artist John Holt.

The exhibition runs from 6th May to 31st May. Current opening times are Thursday to Saturday (10-3pm). We can also open outside those times by appointment - please get in touch at

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