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Memories of the Mills

As part of the Kirklees-wide WOVEN festival, there is a special exhibition for June celebrating the history of the textile mills in Marsden. Featuring local designers and artists influenced by the mills and industrial heritage of the Colne Valley.

Marsden was once at the very heart of Englands wool weaving industry with ten weaving mills located around the town.

The mills in Marsden are now closed but remain a major part of the landscape, with tenterhooks on the streets and huge mills that cast their shadows over the terraced houses.

Combining audio interviews from people who worked in the mills, the exhibition offers a unique perspective of the people and industry that played a crucial part in the village’s history.

The exhibition runs from 3rd June to 31st July. Current opening times are Thursday to Saturday (10-3pm). We can also open outside those times by appointment - please get in touch at

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