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Painting the Pennines

We are delighted to be back open and have a fantastic solo show by Matt Turner to kick off our 2021 exhibitions.

Born in Cambridge, Matt's family moved to West Yorkshire when he was one and has lived here ever since. Yorkshire is where he feels at home and is the main source of his inspiration.

Matt always had an interest in art, the countryside and nature growing up and it continues to stay with him. He spends hours getting lost and immersing himself in the landscape, discovering and continually finding himself in awe of everything around him.

Growing up he was drawn to impressionist art and gritty works that depict everyday life, things that people can relate to in some kind of way. When he paints Matt focuses on local Yorkshire landscapes trying to capture why he is drawn there, whether it be the vast open landscape or a long-forgotten building nestled within it. Often Matt's paintings have been compared to works by Peter Brook, the renowned pennine artist. For Matt, he was a huge inspiration, the way he documented the ever-changing landscape brutally and beautifully in every painting he did. "If I can do the same half as well as he did and have it appreciated then I'd be over the moon".

The winter months have a special appeal to Matt, especially when it snows. At times this may appear bleak but for Matt, this is the most beautiful time, when everything is quiet and still.

"In some way it is my way of searching for some peace, or some kind of breathing room, or isolation. Being made to feel small and humbled by what's around you truly makes you appreciate where you are and what you have".

The exhibition runs from 12th April to 3rd May. Our new opening times are Thursday to Saturday (10-3pm). We can also open outside those times by appointment - please get in touch at You can view and buy the paintings on our website shop.

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